If you want to fish the Umpqua river then fish with the Umpqua river fishing guide.
The Umpqua River Guide specializes in fishing the Umpqua river.

     Winter Steelhead: December through April we chase chrome bright hard fighting winter Steelhead on the Umpqua River system, Coquille River system, and a few other smaller coastal streams. The Umpqua River is famous for its huge native winter Steelhead, and lots of them. Steelhead weighing over 20 pounds are not uncommon, with proper water conditions the Umpqua River is truly world class Steelhead fishing, it doesn’t get any better, anywhere. The Umpqua River also boasts a large hatchery run of winter Steelhead, along with the Coquille River. We target these fish with light spinning tackle and use hands on techniques which makes for some high energy fishing that is very addicting.

     Spring Chinook: April through June we target spring Chinook on the Umpqua River, Columbia River, and Willamette River. Spring Chinook are a special fish, they are arguably the best tasting Salmon that swims, are hard fighters, and are a true prize to catch. On the Umpqua River we anchor or back troll bait or plugs, on the Columbia River and Willamette River we troll herring.

     Fall Kings: June through December we target fall Kings “Hawgs.” Fishing usually kicks off in the Ocean and the mouth of the Umpqua River at Winchester Bay. We are targeting migratory “Feeder Kings” fishing is usually fast and furious for these chrome gems, limits are common, we add bay crabbing to these Winchester Bay Salmon trips at no extra charge. Early August Fall Kings start to enter the Umpqua River and Rogue River estuaries to begin their upriver journey to spawn, followed by the Coos River, and Coquille River estuaries in September through mid November. These southern Oregon rivers are famous for their large fall Salmon, kings weighing over 40 pounds are not uncommon, and fish weighing over 50 pounds are not unheard of. We troll cut plug herring and anchovies for these Hawgs. November through December we target Kings on the Elk and Sixes Rivers. Having multiple river options available, and being mobile allows us to stay on the “hot” bite through the entire season.

     Coho “silver” Salmon enter the river estuaries in September through November and are an absolute blast to catch on lighter tackle casting or trolling plugs and spinners.

     Sturgeon: January through July we target white Sturgeon on the Umpqua, Willamette, and Columbia Rivers. We target “keeper” size Sturgeon around the Portland area on both the Willamette and Columbia. Fishing for these prehistoric fish is mostly a catch and release fishery. We target these fish using light Salmon gear and are an absolute blast to catch. Landing 20 to 40 Sturgeon in a day is the norm, once we find the fish it’s action all day, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of how many fish you’ve caught. This is a “must do” fishery and is one of our favorite trips. We also target “Oversize Sturgeon” on the Columbia, Willamette, and Lower Umpqua, these fish can grow in excess of 12 feet long, white Sturgeon are true river monsters.

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